cambristiI Cambristi is a local, national and european network (list) of musicians, inspired by the ACMP network in USA, who want and are willing to play music together. Inspired by and affiliated with the iCambristi in Brussels, Cambristi Lemani and Chti-Cambristi, in Italy they are based in Milan. The list of all enrolled members is distributed to members and musical events are periodically organized so that anyone can participate.

Musicians can enrol here, and provide (next to their data) a description of the instrument(s) they play, their level, whether they have a car, piano or space to rehearse. Members can choose various ways in which to participate, including reading and studying music only, occasional meetings or the creation of an ensemble that plays regularly together. The project is for all musicians: conservatory diploma holders, enthusiasts, students, teachers … amateur musicians of all ages and levels.


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